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Hi, my name is Christopher Cappo and I am a dedicated, serious collector of vintage guitars, amplifiers and guitar related equipment.

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I have lived in Dutchess county for my entire life, and today live with my wife and two children in Wappingers Falls.  

At this time, I am purchasing guitars (any type), amps and effects.  Also, quality saxophones, trumpets or other interesting instruments.

Why should you call me? Here is a short list of good reasons:

  • I am the quickest way to convert your instrument into cash.
    • Faster than selling it on your own (and having a dozen strangers tromp through your home), faster than finding a music store who will pay you a decent price, and faster than consignment.  I pay cash , and I always close a deal as quickly as you require.

  • I can purchase entire collections.
    • I'm able to consider your entire collection of vintage guitars, with a time/value cash realization unsurpassed by normal sales or brokerage processes.  Why spend months (or years) turning your collection into the cash equivalent you've been planning for?

  • I offer convenient, personal service.
    • You don't have to ship your instrument to me, or worry about driving all over the county trying to find a music store to buy your instrument -- I can come to you!

  • I consistently beat the "consignment deal" at the music stores.
    • Why give the music store free inventory that they are unmotivated to sell?  Music stores are only motivated to sell the equipment they buy from suppliers, to keep their cash flow intact .  Did you know that the average consigned guitar sits on the music store rack for 3 to 6 months before it is sold?  If it doesn't sell after 6 months, they will then usually tell you to drastically lower the price, or present you with a very low cash offer.  Even if it does sell, the music store charges 30% to 50% of the selling price.
I have paid tremendous amounts of money to happy folks over the last several years.  Regardless of whether you are selling a single instrument or an entire collection, I will work with you in a thoughtful, considerate and professional manner.   Thank you for visting my website!

Call Today (24 hours, 7 days a week):   914-204-1921   Local phone call in or near Dutchess County, NY